YouTube Tags Generator

What is a YouTube Tags Generator?

A YouTube Tags Generator is an online tool that generates keyword tags or suggestions relevant to your video content. This tool assists creators in selecting the most suitable tags for their content, which is crucial in enhancing YouTube search rankings.

Benefits of using SmoothSEOTools's YouTube Tags Generator

SmoothSEOTools's YouTube Tags Generator offers several key benefits:

  1. Effective Keyword Generation: This tool offers a robust set of keywords generated specifically for your video or channel, enhancing your YouTube SEO strategy and boosting your content's visibility.

  2. Ease of Use: With a straightforward interface, all you need to do is enter your video topic or URL, and the tool will generate a list of relevant tags for you.

  3. Competitor Analysis: By entering a competitor's video URL, you can gain insights into the tags they're using, informing your own tag strategy.

  4. Free and Unlimited Use: The YouTube Tags Generator is free to use with no limitations, giving you the freedom to optimize as many videos as you need.

How to Generate Tags for a YouTube Video or Channel using SmoothSEOTools's YouTube Tags Generator

To generate tags for your YouTube video or channel using SmoothSEOTools's YouTube Tags Generator, follow these simple steps:

  1. Visit the SmoothSEOTools's YouTube Tags Generator page at

  2. In the provided fields, enter the type the topic of your video, and language of which you want tags.

  3. Click on the 'Generate' button.

  4. Within a few moments, you'll see a list of all the relevant tags for your video or channel. You can then select and use these tags when uploading or editing your YouTube videos.

SmoothSEOTools's YouTube Tags Generator

By using this tool to generate and implement effective tags, you can enhance your YouTube SEO, increase your content's visibility, and potentially drive more views and engagement on your videos.

What Website Generates YouTube Tags?

Numerous websites can generate YouTube tags, but Smooth SEO Tools' YouTube Tags Generator is particularly effective and user-friendly. Visit to utilize this handy tool.

What is the Best Free YouTube Tag Generator?

While several good options are available, Smooth SEO Tools' YouTube Tags Generator stands out as an excellent choice. It's not only free to use, but also provides reliable, highly relevant tag suggestions that can help to optimize your YouTube video's visibility.

How Many Tags is OK for YouTube?

YouTube permits up to 500 characters in the tag section. The number of tags this equates to will depend on the length of your tags. Remember, it's crucial to use relevant tags that accurately represent your video content.

Do YouTube Tags Increase Views?

Yes, properly utilized, relevant tags can boost a video's visibility, thereby potentially increasing its view count. Tags help YouTube's algorithm understand the content of a video, which can improve its ranking in search results and its likelihood of being recommended to viewers.

What is an Example of a YouTube Tag?

For a video about baking a chocolate cake, relevant YouTube tags might include "baking," "chocolate cake recipe," "how to bake a cake," "homemade chocolate cake," and so on. These tags accurately reflect the video content and are terms that potential viewers might use when searching for such content.

How to Get Viral on YouTube?

Going viral on YouTube often involves a combination of high-quality, engaging content, effective SEO, understanding your audience, and a bit of luck. Effective use of tags, generated by tools such as SmoothSEOTools's YouTube Tags Generator, can significantly contribute to your video's visibility, increasing its potential to go viral.

Are YouTube Tags Public?

As of my knowledge cutoff in September 2021, YouTube tags are no longer publicly visible on the platform itself. However, tools like the YouTube Tags Extractor can retrieve this information.

How Do I Find Channel Keywords?

To find channel keywords, you can navigate to your YouTube account, click on "YouTube Studio," and then "Settings." From there, select the "Channel" tab and you'll see a "Keywords" section where you can add or view your channel keywords.

How Do You Rank YouTube Videos Fast?

Ranking YouTube videos quickly involves a comprehensive SEO strategy, which includes using relevant, effective tags, optimizing your video title and description, engaging with your audience, and consistently providing high-quality, relevant content. Tools like SmoothSEOTools's YouTube Tags Generator can help in the tag optimization process.

Do Tags Help YouTube Shorts?

Yes, tags can assist with YouTube Shorts in a similar way they assist with regular YouTube videos. They help YouTube's algorithm understand the content of the Shorts, which can improve their ranking in search results and their likelihood of being recommended to viewers.

SmoothSEOTools's YouTube Tags Generator is a powerful resource for anyone seeking to optimize their YouTube videos and maximize their reach.


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