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What is YouTube Trending?

YouTube Trending is a unique section on the platform that features videos currently enjoying a surge in popularity. This section functions as a real-time showcase of what is capturing public interest on the platform. It can include anything from popular music videos from chart-topping artists, viral videos causing a buzz across social media, to important news updates or educational content. Essentially, YouTube Trending is your go-to resource for getting a snapshot of what is captivating viewers on YouTube at any given time.

How Does YouTube Trending Work?

The intricacies of YouTube Trending are governed by a sophisticated algorithm that goes beyond simply tallying up view counts. While the raw number of views is a significant factor, it doesn't solely dictate which videos get featured in the Trending section. The algorithm also takes into account the rate at which a video is garnering views. In other words, videos accumulating views rapidly have a higher chance of trending.

In addition to views, the level of user engagement also plays a pivotal role. This includes likes, comments, and shares, which help the algorithm assess how much viewers are interacting with a video. Newly published videos, particularly those from popular creators or on timely topics, often receive a preference, ensuring that the Trending content stays fresh and relevant.

Moreover, the source of the views can influence a video's trending status. Videos drawing views from diverse sources, such as direct links, search results, external websites, or embedded players, are more likely to appear in the Trending section.

Finally, the Trending list is tailored according to the viewer's location, providing a personalized glimpse of what's popular in each viewer's country.

How to Find YouTube Trending Topics

Finding YouTube trending topics is straightforward. One of the easiest ways is directly through YouTube's own Trending section. Simply navigate to the YouTube homepage and locate the "Trending" tab on the left-hand menu. This section displays a curated list of videos that are currently trending based on your geographical location, offering a quick overview of popular content in your area.

How to Check YouTube Trending Videos

As previously mentioned, you can check YouTube trending videos directly on the platform. Upon visiting the YouTube homepage, you will find the Trending section on the left-hand menu. Clicking on this tab will present you with an array of trending videos, providing an instant snapshot of what's capturing the platform's attention at that moment. This list is regularly updated to ensure that it reflects the most up-to-date trends.

How to Use YouTube Trends to Grow Your Channel

If you're looking to grow your channel, there's no better way than using YouTube trends.

As the most visited video sharing platform on the internet, YouTube showcases all the most popular and currently trending topics from around the world. It hosts breaking news, current affairs and viral content.

Tastes are changing and information is spreading faster than ever before. It has become essential for brands and creators to produce content that is current and relevant, especially for trending stories.

When you dig deeper into YouTube trends, you can uncover a wealth of data that you can use to learn more about current topics and consumer behavior. In turn, this will help create content that resonates with the largest number of viewers.

How to Check What is Trending on YouTube Using SmoothSEOTools's YouTube Trending Checker

In some cases, you might desire a more tailored approach to checking trending videos or wish to explore trends in different regions. This is where online tools like SmoothSEOTools's YouTube Trending Checker come into play.

To use this tool, follow these steps:

1. Select Language
2. Select Country
3. Enter the number of results as you want to see the number of popular videos

SmoothSEOTools's YouTube Trends

How is the Video Ranked in YouTube Trends?

Competition for content to appear on the YouTube Trends page is fierce. Because a site can only display a limited number of videos, the platform selects content that is most appealing to a wide range of people.

It also needs to capture the breadth of what's happening on YouTube and around the world, with the top-rated videos often being unique or surprising.

YouTube trends try to balance all these aspects. To achieve this, the site takes into account many signals, including:

  • Total (and current) views
  • Growth rate of views
  • Where views come from (including outside of YouTube, e.g. social media, blogs, media portals, etc.)
  • Video age

YouTube states that:

These signals mean that the video with the most views on a given day may not be #1 in YouTube Trends, and videos with more views may appear below videos with fewer views. Even if your video meets all of the above criteria, it may not appear in YouTube Trends, as many other videos may also meet the criteria.

The system tries to select videos that will be most relevant to viewers and most reflective of the broad content on the platform.

Sourcing and Capitalizing on Hot Trends

Sites like YouTube Trends and Popular on YouTube can become valuable resources for brands, marketers or creators, providing insight into what's currently popular. It shows what's trending right now and allows you to use a specific topic to reach and connect with as many viewers as possible.

Data from these pages can be extracted using tools like Google Trends for YouTube or Keyword Suggestions for YouTube. These tools give you deeper insights into specific topics and audience search behavior that can be filtered by time periods and geographic locations.

Not only do you get a more detailed look at current trending topics, but also seasonal fluctuations. Creating popular content can be great for a short-term boost in views, but understanding seasonal search behavior will help you create content that has long-term viewership potential.

Creating Seasonal Content Through YouTube Trends

Viral videos are often one-time events. Brands and marketers can ride the latest trending topic or event, but this often only produces short-term bursts of views. To grow your channel more consistently, you'll need to take advantage of seasonal fluctuations in search behavior.


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